Gymnastikids has been exactly the right program for my kids. 
My 5-year-old is competitive by nature and a perfectionist so a competitive environment might have left him feeling discouraged if he could not keep up with his peers.  However, the non-competitive environment of Gymnastikids has been a safe and fun place for him to take risks and feel proud of his progress.  He has loved being physically challenged and I can see that he has really enjoyed discovering and developing his body strength and agility.          
My 2-year-old is a force of nature and is constantly wildly active.  The parent/child class has been a great outlet for him.  I especially love the fact that the instructor accommodates the normal behavior of a 2-year-old, allowing my son to freely run, climb, balance and explore within his abilities and interests.  The class is a mixture of free play and structured activity.  The children can follow the guided activities as their ability to follow instructions and take turns develops – this is not a place where young children are manipulated into positions or situations that are unnatural or incomprehensible to them. 
~ Gabrielle K

I wanted to thank you for all of the years in teaching Nicole -
she loves gymnastics because of GymnastiKids, and we both really appreciate all of your efforts and guidance over the years.

It all started with Elsa's birthday party and she was hooked.

I recommend your gym to anyone who asks and have the highest regard for your teaching style, patience and talent.

Thanks again for everything!

~ Margaret Y

Gregory has enjoyed sharing stories with us about gymnastics, and he speaks very fondly of you. Thank you for providing him with a positive, fun, and confidence building opportunity.
~ Gail M

Thank you for doing such a great job of encouraging the kids and instilling in them a sense of excitement in learning gymnastics. Erika loves her class!
~ Yuri C

You have been great for Grace and Davis! They have loved you and their gymnastics lessons every week. Thank you for everything. You're the best at what you do!
~ Kathleen C

We do thank you for your help in helping our son develop both physical and emotional confidence over the last two years, and learning the rewards of trying again. Christy and I both believe your program has been an exceptional assistance to Bennett, and would recommend it highly to any parent. Good luck on your continued efforts with your current and future students.
~ Eloy E

Just a brief not to say "Thank you." We have noticed a great change in Brett's motor skills over the past year. He even attempts activities he dared not go near before. I strongly believe this is due to your gymnastics program. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!
~ Wendy R

Thanks for a wonderful year of gymnastics. Stefan loves your class! Your enthusiasm and energy is an inspiration to us all.
~ Maria E

Thank you so much for all your effort with Michael this year. Your enthusiasm is truly contagious. Michael spoke far more about your gymnastics class than anything else this entire school year. Keep up the great work.
~ Carol L

Thank you so much for your wonderful teachings. The world needs more teachers like you to teach our children!
~ Leticia V

Thank you for providing such an enjoyable, up beat, educational class. You are so great with kids, it really takes a special talent. Many many thanks and best wishes for a great future.
~ Barbara V

I'm going to be sad when we move to Washington and can't come to your class. I'm going to be sad I'm not going to see you again. Your class was so fun I don't even want to leave you.
~ Cody V (Age 6)

Thank you so much for your gentle and affirming instruction. Anna-Kristina loved every roll and spin. She will miss you very much!
~ Susan C

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