Pricing & Policy


Enrollment is by 8 or 10 week sessions, paid two weeks in advance of each session. Your space is reserved in each session and a discount is provided only when you pay by the "SAVE A SPOT DEADLINE". Tuition is non-refundable once the class session has begun, except for our 100% first month money back guarantee. All other refunds are subject to a $25 cancellation fee. Please see "Tuition fee schedule" for "SAVE A SPOT DEADLINES".

Remember, TO RESERVE YOUR SPACE IN CLASS for each new session, TUITION MUST BE PAID by the "SAVE A SPOT DEADLINE", after which all unpaid spaces become available on a first come-first serve basis to students on our waiting list. There are no refunds once the session has started.

You can mail us your tuition and your cancelled check will be your receipt. We can also automatically charge your credit card if that is more convenient. A $25 charge will apply to all returned checks.

Make-Up Policies

If your child cannot attend class do not worry, we will schedule a make-up. You need to notify the gym prior to class time. ALL make-ups must be scheduled within two weeks of the missed class and can be arranged by the office. Make-ups must be completed within 4 weeks of excused absence. Make-up credits may NOT be used to discount tuition. Once a make-up class is scheduled, it can not be rescheduled. You are entitled to 3 make-ups per session.

Health and Illness

For the consideration of all, please do not bring a sick child to class. we are more than happy to set up a make-up. If your child has had a fever, the fever must be broken for 24 hours before returning to GymnastiKids. If your child has started antibiotics please wait 24 hours after the first dose to return to class. If your child has a runny nose with discoloration in the discharge it could be a sign of infection. Please check with your doctor before returning to class. These policies also apply to parent or guardian. Thank you for your copoperation. This will ensure our students and instructors stay healthy.


Please arrive 10 minutes before your class. If your child misses the warm up period at the beginning of the class we ask that you set up a make-up for another class. The warm up time is important for preparation for the session and if missed can lead to injury.


Clothing: Barefoot or Gym shoes with sticky bottoms ONLY (socks are slippery on trampolines). Parents are asked to please wear socks during Parent and Pal class. Eyeglasses must be removed or held with a head strap. Please leave all jewelery at home.

Girls - Please wear a leotard with shorts and shirt if desired (tucked in shirt). Tights can only be worn if they are cut off at the ankle to prevent slipping.

Boys - Shorts and T-shirt tucked in. No zippers, buttons or snaps. Absolutely no jeans or jean shorts are permitted.


Be sure long hair is tied back or braided out of your child's face. Try to use a rubber band or clips (non-ornamental) place on the side of the head instead of in the back which would be in the way during tumbling. We have hairbands in the office if you forgot one.


  • Parents, guests and siblings are required to wait in our observation area.
  • Do not sit on wall or stand on benches.
  • Only enrolled registered students under direct supervision of an instructor are allowed in the activity area.
  • Leave gum at home.
  • No food or drinks allowed in Gymnastics area.
  • Dress for gym before you leave home if possible.
  • All older children must be picked up promplty once class has ended.

Referral Policy

Tell your friends and save money!!! When you tell someone about GymnastiKids and they enroll for a full session you will receive a $15 credit toward your next tuition payment.


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