Mobile Classes

GymnastiKids has established a reputation for providing a quality gymnastics program to numerous schools in the area since 1990. The philosophy of our program is to teach students gymnastics in a fun and safe atmosphere, and proactively enhance their self-esteem. Our approach is to provide a high degree of professionalism in instruction techniques to maximize the skills of gymnastics conducive to physical child development. Please give us a call if you are interested in bringing our program to your school.


How It All Started

GymnastiKids was established in 1991 when Brian Smith first started his mobile gymnastics program. He bought a small red truck and some gymnastics equipment. He brought fitness and fun to schools in Pasadena and its surrounding cities every week. His wife Kerry soon joined him and their reputation of a safe and fun gymnastics program grew and grew. With parents wanting to bring their children to a GymnastiKids facility, one was opened in 2004 in Pasadena. Their goal of teaching gymnastics classes in a non-competitive, self-esteem boosting environment has been a great success. They are proud to bring smiles,laughs and fitness to children of all ages.

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