Class Descriptions

Parent & Pal (Ages Walking - 3yrs)

A 45 minute class that will introduce the wonderful world of movement to your child. This adventurous parent assisted program will have your child building balance, coordination, and confidence. Basic beginning gymnastics and movement skills will be bundled with social interaction with other children. A great weekly bonding experience with your child.

Tiny Twisters (3-4 years)

This 45 minute class will introduce basic gymnastics and locomotor skills. Each class is a high energy adventure in bouncing, rolling, strength, listening skills and body awareness activities. Our caring instructors will introduce skills in a self esteem boosting environment that becomes a foundation for a lifetime of physical fitness.

Kinder Kids 1 (Ages 4-5) & Kinder Kids 2 (Ages 5-6)

We'll emphasize what your child is doing right! Presenting skills that can be broken down into success oriented steps. Your child will walk out of class feeling like a winner. Specially designed equipment is implemented to provide a safe and progressive approach to learning gymnastics. The most important aspects of your child's development will be improved including: strength, flexibility, listening skills, social development, and body awareness.

Girls (6 and up)

An Hour long class limited to 8 students. All Olympic events are introduced in an encouraging class setting. Your child will be challenged and experience success in a self-esteem boosting environment. A structured and fun warmup, training on apparatus and an ending conditioning program in a motivational, non-competitive atmosphere where personal accomplishment is top priority!

Boys (6 and up)

Boys need action and this is exactly what this class provides. Instruction on Rings, Rope-climbing, Parallel Bars, Spring Floor Tumbling, Mini Trampoline, Vaulting, Agility and Strength activities will leave your child happy and hopefully tired.


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